Anthony Lee - July 12 2021

What is the reflective fabric and how does it work?

Intotal, YGM features nine varieties of reflective fabric that are excellent for everything from the athletic field to sports, fashion apparel, and accessories. It works based on the principle of retroreflection. Here, the incident light from the source falls on the reflective surface and the reflected light emits back without any scattering.

 To understand retroreflection in a clear way, you need to understand the parts of reflective fabric. It’s basically backing fabric that’s coated with glass beads that promote reflection of light. Take a look at the picture below to get a clearer idea

What types of reflective fabric does YGM offer?

At INSHIINING, you’ll find several types of retro reflective fabric to choose from. If you’re thinking of exclusive workwear, use silver reflective fabric, rainbow reflective fabric, holographic reflective fabric, or iridescent reflective fabric.

 For a more fashionable option, go for printed silver reflective fabric, rainbow reflective fabric, bronzed reflective fabric, or gradient reflective fabric. If you want an easy-to-apply option to upgrade apparel or accessories, use reflective tape.

What is the distance you can be seen with and without reflective fabrics?

When it comes to reflective surfaces, different shades and materials account for different visibility. But when it comes to reflective fabric manufactured by YGM, we have specific values to help you understand how you will benefit from it.

 In fact, if you’re wearing blue clothing, you are visible up to 2 meters while white clothing is vivid for up to 24 meters per. For the color red, this extends to 36 meters and yellow takes it up to 50 m. But if you’re wearing reflective clothing, you’re visible for up to 250 meters.pts.

Hence, you’ll be visible for up to 50 meters without any reflective clothing, but reflective fabric gives you visibility of up to 250 meters and above.

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